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Women's Club Highland VillageThe Highland Village Women’s Club was founded on July 2, 1970, when there were 220 homes and a population of 700 people.  The club got its start when three women got together and put an ad in the newspaper.  They wanted to see if anyone was interested in getting together, having fun, and also doing some good deeds for the city.

The first three meetings were held in homes and had about 14 women in attendance.  By the third meeting officers were elected.  By the fourth meeting they had grown to 20 members.

Originally there were 4 meetings a year plus a Christmas party.  Additional social and instructional groups were started by the members including dressmaking, gourmet cooking and wig care, (a big fad in the 60’s and 70’s).  Service groups were formed helping at the nursing homes and working for civic improvements… and a scholarship fund was established.

In 1971, the club sponsored the first Fireman’s Ball.  It cost $6 per couple and they raised $1,300 which was used to purchase fire equipment and aid in the construction of a new fire station.

In recent years, we have contributed thousands of dollars to charities that help residents of Highland Village and throughout Denton County.  We have helped buy equipment for the Fire Department, the Parks Department and the Highland Village Police Department.  These donations have had a direct effect on many residents of our area.

Highland Village Women's Club

We have a dinner meeting once a month, and sponsor “The Village Glow” at the Shops of Highland Village in December.  We sell Poinsetta plants to raise funds for charities, and host various other fund raisers during the year.  At our “Gifts of the Heart” meeting, we donate money to several area charities.


The purpose of the Highland Village Women’s Club is

  • To promote friendship, cooperation and communications among the women of Highland Village and the Greater Lewisville area.
  • To provide a forum to exchange ideas in various areas of interest.
  • To foster civic pride in Highland Village as well as the Greater Lewisville area and to work with its leaders for the improvement of the area as a whole.
  • To hold a minimum of one fundraiser annually to help local charities.

Today, the Club’s membership is comprised of housewives, mothers, professionals and business owners with a similar interest in promoting civic pride and service to the community of Highland Village.

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